Success Snapshot 2: Move!
If you want to be healthier and feel healthier, move your body!  Workout, walk, play with your kids.  Whatever makes you feel good and gets your body off the couch.

I find that long workouts don't work for me right now in this stage of life. I don't wake up before my kids, and I hate working out before bedtime, so I do a quick 15 minute walking workout (with Leslie Sansone, the walking queen) every weekday while my kids eat breakfast.  It's the perfect mom workout.  

In addition to my daily workout at home, I try to get in one long walk each week at the Columbia River waterfront, which is my favorite walk of all time.  There's so much to see and I often take my twins with me on their scooters.  They love it, too.

I also received a FitBit Alta for Mother's Day which helps me track my steps & time spent working out each day.  I rarely hit 10,000 steps (the daily goal) but I walk more than I would if I didn't have it.


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Holly said...

You are doing awesome, Shelly! I usually am a big Greenway walker but I can no longer get the boys bikes there because they keep growing! That Greenway looks so beautiful and way better than the driveway laps I've been doing now ;) Maybe I'll order a bike rack today!