Our Family's Future

Since Josh got his job up north in Washington, we've taken two trips to scout out the area.  The first trip we took without the twins, leaving them in the care of their beloved grandma's who spoiled them rotten, I'm sure.  The second we took all together as a family, and even had my mom come along!

On our first trip, Josh got to meet some of the staff at his new school and we looked at rentals around the area.  We enjoyed pretending we only had two kids, and laughed about how many people still approached us, telling us how much Wyatt looks like Josh.  We thought people only did that because of the twins, but it turns out Wyatt is a pretty close mini-me for Josh, too.  

During that first trip we paid a visit to the cemetery where Josh's baby sister Margaret is buried.  Margaret died of SIDS when she was only two months old.  It seems every time we go, her passing hits Josh and I harder than the time before.  I don't know if it's having more babies, or simply the passage of time, but it makes us so mindful of what a blessing healthy children are.

During our second trip, which was much better both because my mom came and because I sat by the baby the whole way, we did some house hunting (first time home buyers! so exciting! so scary!) and took a little time to swim in the pool at the hotel.

We left having put an offer on a house, a sweet little first time home that will be perfect for our family.  Now we are praying that God is in all the details and it becomes a place where we can be together as a family come fall.  

Picturing that house helps me dry up the tears that are falling as I contemplate leaving Vancouver and all our loved ones again.  I'm grateful we're just a five hour drive away, but sure wish we were staying in town.  



Holly said...

The boys are totally copies of Josh, but I do think the glasses really hit it home for people! I am so glad you are blogging, I really have been thinking of and missing you. Kinda like a friend who you know all kinds of stuff is going on with, but you haven't actually been able to catch up. :) Buying a home is so exciting and I'm happy for yall. I hope everything will go off without a hitch.

♥ Sari ♥ said...

Glad to see you posting and so happy to hear things are looking good for all of you. :)

Ashley B said...

So happy to see a post from you in my reader this morning! So happy to hear that things are starting to fall into place for you!

Tabitha Studer said...

Gosh, this is both so exciting and also, I'm sure, a little bittersweet though too since you'll be farther away from your family after all year so close to them! So many exciting new things and decisions for you, momma - which makes me even more wish that I lived close enough that we could go grab a coffee and laugh and cry and squeal about all the things coming in the near future. xxoxo sending love to you.