Around Here: Week 4

Finishing... the KonMari method in all the bedrooms of the house. I am now left with paperwork and memorabilia, which is both exciting and daunting.  I think the biggest difference by far is in our master bedroom (pictured above). 

Enjoying... how Ramona (our girl kitty) pays attention when Carly is down for her nap. As soon as I sit down with my lap top on the couch, she seeks me out and curls up with me.

Loving... the "embrace" sign that Josh's sister Julie made for me.  Embrace is my word of the year for 2017, and having it hang in my dining room will be just the reminder I need when life gets chaotic, crazy & loud.

Feeling good... about not swearing. I have been successful most days the last week.  I am on my way to being a better example for my kids and that feels really good.

Helping... Logan adjust to life after a second seizure. Just like after the first seizure, he has been complaining pretty consistently of headaches, and his teacher and I are working together to be sure that Logan feels safe and heard (especially at school) but also that he not come home every time he doesn't feel 100%.  I feel like I am making everything up as I go, but so far Logan seems comfortable, so I'll call that a win.  We're still waiting to hear back on follow up appointments for him with the neurologist. I promise to keep you posted.

Celebrating... Carly's first birthday this week.  The little sweetheart is just beautiful and brings us all so much joy.

Buying... a baby pen (not sure what else to call it???) for Carly after I caught her with two small legos in her mouth the other morning.  Life with three older brothers is rife with danger, and I think that little play area will be a great safe place for her to exist when I am otherwise occupied cooking, cleaning, or caring for her siblings.

Working hard... to meet Wyatt's needs right now.  The transition from three weeks of snow days (off and on) to school again everyday has been hard for him, but not in the morning.  Oddly, he's been struggling in the afternoon.  He gets home from school, where he has had good behavior and lots of fun, and just starts melting down over the tiniest little thing. Last night when he complained that he couldn't have cake when he wanted I just held him, sympathized and didn't let go as he sobbed into my chest. He cried for so long, but I could tell he felt better, lighter, afterward. Poor guy. It's been a crazy weird month for me, and I'm a grown up. I can't imagine how strange it's felt for him.

Snapping pictures... of the kids' first snow men. The twins wanted to be in the picture with theirs so they tromped back out in the snow in their basketball shorts to pose. Ha! The snowmen were very cute and the boys were proud. They built them on Monday, when we had no school (again! waaah!) because of black ice. At this point the number of missed days in January is getting ridiculous!

Taking... Carly to her one year check up and asking them to split up her shots. She was due for five (!) so we opted to get them a bit staggered.  Luckily she hasn't been extra cranky or anything after the ones she got yesterday. She is teething two teeth, however, and those are causing her to be very drooly and to wake up in the night. Mama is ready for more than two hours' sleep at a time!

And taking... Wyatt to the eye doctor where I found out that his prescription is getting less (smaller?) and there is a real possibility he could even outgrow his need for glasses altogether. That makes this mama (of three boys in glasses) nearly jump for joy!

Contemplating... a truth my friend Tabitha pointed out on her Instagram account earlier this week, which is that we are RIGHT NOW the youngest we will EVER BE.  Which makes RIGHT NOW the time to do ALL THE THINGS you ever wanted to do. It's a thought that never crossed my mind and now I can't stop thinking about it!

Prepping... for a big and meaningful February.  I have big goals for the shortest month of the year and I can't wait to share them with you.



Marilynn Raatz said...

Shelly how is it possible that Jack and Logan are becoming MORE identical?? It's amazing!
Your bedroom looks beautiful. And a baby pen- that's funny but honestly I think it's a great thing.
I will continue to pray for Logan and I am so thankful that you are sensitive to his needs.

Ashley B said...

Your room looks awesome! I always put ours last on the list and just recently realized how much I need it to feel calm after a crazy day. Good motivation to avoid letting clutter pile up in there!

Pete said...

Wow, I didn't recognize the twins at first by the snowman without their glasses on. I thought it was their cousins or friends. :)