For Those Weary Mom Days

Today I woke up tired, grouchy, weary.  As I moved through my morning like molasses, I found myself frustrated after giving the same direction time and time again to any of the three boys trying to get ready for school.  Then I opened the freezer to find it had been open all night and everything was covered in frost like the North Pole, only to then watch as Wyatt stopped short, bowl of cereal & milk in hand, and pour sticky, sugary milk & mini wheats all over the floor by the sink.


And so it was that I found myself with a case of the Mondays... on Thursday. 

Day to day I work really hard to get my chores done.  Cooking, dishes, laundry & getting those boys out the door has to happen everyday.  But I want to get more done around here that stays done.  So that means pushing myself even harder to accomplish not only my regular chores, but also some of my bigger goals, like organizing the filing cabinet or sorting through the boys' toys or clothes.  

And so, even though I woke up weary, and spent half of Carly's morning nap defrosting the freezer, I am going to push through and get done not only my regular chores, but also some of the things that will stay done.  

Then I'm going to eat some of the cookies Josh made last night.
Because the surest cure for a case of the Mondays, is chocolate.

And the surest cure for those weary mom days, is accomplishing things that make me feel like an amazing homemaker & mom. 


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Emily said...

Brandon and I have given up our 8:00 treat in an effort to be more healthy. I bought ice cream to celebrate tomorrow when report cards come home (I already know it's all A's for Reg and P) but after the week we are having with everything breaking, I might need to dig into it tonight. :). Hang in there!!!