Carly at 19 Months

Early glimpses of 2 year old Carly:

{"Go night-night" anywhere}
Carly's Uncle Samuel made this rocking horse for Carly from a kit.  
She loves it! 

Carly at 19 months is an explosion of words & signs.
Some new signs include:
Bye bye

And New Words:

This summer I have discovered that parenting her outside our house is really challenging as she is super independent and wants to keep up with the big boys.  My sister helped her ride one of the boys' scooters at my mom's house and you could tell Carly thought she was the best ever!

She is super brave in the water. She doesn't flinch even if she falls in. But for some reason she hates the bath tub. I imagine it's cause she has to actually sit still to be washed. Silly girl. 

We are still nursing, and she now pulls off and snuggles me, then goes back to eating. I feel like it's her way of saying, "Thanks mom. This is nice." :)

Her hair is getting really long, and tomorrow I'm going to give her a little trim. I want to even it up and have it look a little less crazy when it's not up. Currently if she doesn't have a bow or pony tail in, she can't see cause it's in her eyes and it's all uneven. I think a little trim will help a lot.

She loves to go to the pantry and tell us what she wants: pretzels, fish, cereal, crackers...  Her favorite foods are grapes, raisins and cheese.

At my mom's she fed the dogs and then would sign "thank you" on behalf of the dogs. It was adorable!

While school clothes shopping for the boys with my mom, we did a lot of shopping for Carly as well, and we are both (still) a year and a half later, elated to be shopping on the other side of the store. To be able to look at glitter and sparkles and hair accessories is just amazing after nearly a decade of boy clothes.  My mom bought her some hair bows (see the pink ones above) and every morning at my mom's house she would bring them to me and say, "Pretty", holding them up to her head, wanting me to put them in. I am loving every second of this.

When I first got pregnant with the twins, back in 2007, I was 24 (turning 25) and I imagined we would have a little girl. Her name would have (most likely) been Bailey Kate, and I was so excited about the idea. We were in for a much bigger surprise when (at 20 weeks) we found out we were expecting two boys instead!  Same with Wyatt, I had thought we'd have a girl, but he was a boy. And then by the time I was pregnant with Carly, I was resigned to the fact that it'd probably be another boy.  But it wasn't. It was a GIRL! Something that I am daily excited about and grateful for. 


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