Carly at two years + four months

Carly at two years & four months is a ball of energy.  She wakes up in the morning so happy to see us.  For breakfast she requests either cereal in her straw bowl or toast with an orange sippy cup of milk. (It's very important that the cup be orange.) Then she plays toys or follows me around while the boys and I get ready for the day.

She loves feeding the cats treats, but if you ask her if she likes Ramona, she will tell you, "No. 'Mona bites me.  But I like George."  Whenever she sees them sleeping anywhere, though, she always says, "Oh, they are so cute!"

Her favorite things are her paw patrol pups and her taggies.  She's always saying, "I need my feather taggie!" She says, "I love it.  It's so fluffy & nice!"  They are her comfort items, and I'm glad she has them.

She wants Mommy at bedtime, but she loooves dada the rest of the time.  When she sees him or the boys after not seeing them for a while, she says, "I found you!"  Wyatt is probably her favorite brother, but she has fun with all three of them.  I think her preference for Wyatt is simply because he has the most patience for her. When one of the boys is sad, she snuggles them or tries to cheer them up.  When Wyatt asks her if she can help him with something, she says, "I sure can!"

While I'm glad she loves her brothers, sometimes it's hard because she mimics them incessantly and that often sucks.  ("Shut up!" "Butthead!" "Oh my god!") It can be frustrating!

At the store, she prefers to sit in the back of the cart if she can.  She's the best grocery shopping buddy, loves to share a snack with me while we shop, and is always so cheerful.  I'm so glad.  

She's a little mama.  Cleaning, sweeping, wiping up messes... Caring for Wyatt when he was throwing up last time he was sick.  Saying, "Good job Wyatt," when he was done throwing up.  Anything she has seen me do, she does herself.  Including carrying a purse, and wanting her nails painted. The other day she put my keys in her purse.  Thankfully I saw her do it!

I can't even tell you how much I love that she wants her nails done.  I have dreamed for years of having a daughter and now that I have one, I absolutely adore that she is so girly.  She loves to wear necklaces and hair pretties and have pink nails.  (She always chooses pink.)  It's my favorite, and it has yet to get old.

Every day when I dress her I get a thrill.  I'm not even kidding.  I enjoy choosing her clothes every single day.  It's so fun to put together an outfit, to do her hair and choose a coordinating hair thing.  She's so cute and I just love dressing her up.

When she gets owies she says, "You kiss it?" and requests a bandaid.  We have Paw Patrol bandaids and she loves choosing which one she wants.  She's very picky.

She talks up a storm and people often think she's three.  Instead of "stop" she says "sopt".  She says "yellow" as "yeyow" and "tomorrow" as "tomoyow", and I'll be sad when she says them all right.  She never mixes up the twins, which everyone finds amazing, and if you ask her if she's a boy or a girl she says, "I'm just Carly!"

Indeed you are, little girl.
Indeed you are!


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