Playing Out

We have been so lucky this year.  Every day (except for three) since we arrived here, we have been able to play out. That has been huge.  Transitioning the boys from the city life to rural life can be challenging, but being able to get them outside, with their bikes and their friends each afternoon, smooths that transition immensely.  

They love riding bikes, playing cops & robbers, swinging, sliding, climbing and chasing.  I love bringing my camp chair and reading while they go crazy.  Park time is my chance to get a break.  I am there if they need me, but I love that they are old enough to play with their friends while I get to do something I enjoy, and reading outside is among my top faves.

It helps that it's so beautiful here.  I mean, who wouldn't want to sit and stare at the river?

(Random side note: I thought I would never say "playing out" as where I'm from we say, "playing outside" but I have assimilated in that way, which I think is kind of cool.)

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