Daddy is Home

 Daddy is here.  He arrived this morning at 5:30am after twelve hours of traveling, plane to plane, and despite our collective exhaustion, we're thrilled.  Jack said after lunch today, "I just still can't believe you're here!"  

He's here for nine days and we are determined to make the most of it.

 Everything we do together as a family has a bit of magic in it.  Bike rides, walks to the park, even donuts for breakfast are more special when daddy's here.


I snuck out to pick him up while the boys were still asleep.  The first to wake up upon our arrival home was Logan.  He snuck downstairs where we sat visiting on the couch and settled himself like a cat on our laps, snug in the middle of us.  He was so happy to see Daddy.

 The second to wake up was Jack.  We were just heading upstairs to hang out in our room with Logan when Jack appeared at the top of the stairs.  He gave Josh the longest hug, arms draped over his shoulders, Santa bear gripped in one sleepy hand.  He seemed, relieved almost, that Josh had made it.

 The last to wake up was Wyatt, who joined us downstairs after we had commenced the eating of the donuts.  He was super shy & sleepy, but within an hour had warmed up so much that he asked if "just daddy could take them on our ride to the park."  I'm apparently old news now that daddy is here.  And that's just fine by me!

 A few minutes into being surrounded by all three kids Josh said to me, "I just missed them so much.  I'm so happy to be here."  It melted my heart and made me fall in love with him all over again.  I just love that man so much.

We've had a busy first day, with bike rides, a cousin's football game and our own baseball practice, but it's been so lovely.  Getting the kids out the door with another adult is amazing.  Having someone else to take Wyatt to the bathroom is amazing.  Riding shotgun while he taxis us around town is amazing.

And holding his hand after three long months apart? 


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Ashley B said...

SO SO happy for you!