Riding Bikes

One thing my boys all love to do is ride bikes.  Wyatt's been riding this teeny tiny bike all summer, and it was the perfect bike to learn on because he could completely control it. But the time had come for him to move up, and when my mom offered to take him to get a new one, I couldn't turn her down.  He was so absolutely tickled to have a new Lightening McQueen bike.  Since moving up, he's taken a lot of crashes, but every time he jumps back up, shouting, "I'm okaaay!" and hops back on. I'm so proud of him.

It's crazy to think that at his age, the twins were already riding without training wheels.  They have always been so active and athletic.  Logan's most recent favorite is "off roading" in the trees behind our neighborhood park.  I think it makes him feel like a bona fide big kid.

I enjoy taking them bike riding, and I love that it's something they love to do together (and with minimal fighting!).  We could only ride for a few weeks on either end of winter in Alaska, so it's something we are feeling extra lucky to do since we're here in Washington this year.


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