Days Two, Three & Four at the Hospital

We spent three nights and four days at the hospital, just like we did with the twins and with Wyatt.  I am never super anxious to get out of the hospital because then real life begins...

While we were in the hospital, Carly got to meet a lot of family.  My grandparents came from the coast Monday morning and that meant the world to me.

My parents also spent a lot of time at the hospital, getting to know their one & only granddaughter.

I believe that aside from Josh and myself, my sister Roxanne loves Carly the most in the entire world.  They met and Roxanne fell hard for that sweet girl.  I love seeing them together!

The boys also spent a fair amount of time with us at the hospital getting to know their sister.

I'll be honest, I've enjoyed dressing her so very much. I don't remember packing a diaper bag of clothes for any of the boys' time at the hospital, although I'm sure I did, and I barely remember what they wore in the hospital.  With Carly there were multiple outfits, precious pajamas and even coordinating headbands jammed into her bag.

Hands down, my favorite accessory currently is this lambie hat from my friend Julie.  Carly looks so precious in it; it fits perfectly; and everyone comments on it.  (I wish I had better pictures, but these are the best I got the morning we left the hospital.)

Finally on Wednesday morning we were released from the hospital and on our way to settling into life as a family of six. 



Rox said...

I absolutely do love her those most in the entire world! xoxo
I enjoy seeing all these pictures, the boys are so tender with her. And all of her sweet outfits and headbands make me happy, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! The little scrunchy face in the lamb hat! I bet you all could stare at her all day. She is such a beauty. I love how sweet the boys are with her. They are blessed to have such a good role model. What a precious family you have. Wyatt doesn't look like he minds having a sister at all. :-)

Kasey said...

Oh she's so sweet.
(It's pics like these that for a moment make me forget we are done with the babies)

Kimberly F said...

That lamb hat!!! I die!!