Three Brothers & a Sister

Carly was born at 12:06pm.  
By 4:30 her brothers had come to meet her. 
And what a happy meeting it was!

(Wyatt loves her toes!)

Other than holding her, Wyatt really wanted to change her diaper, and was amazed at how small her diapers are.  They all marveled at how little she is, and they all wanted to feed her.  Unfortunately for them, I will be breastfeed Carly, so they won't get to experience feeding her.

When he met her, Wyatt exclaimed, "Look at her huge adorable eyes!" 
It seems the grown ups aren't the only ones who noticed our alert little girl.

While they were there, my mom was grabbing something out of a Motherhood Maternity bag and Logan asked, "Are you gonna milk her?" meaning me.  We all cracked up so hard and assured him that no one would be milking me.  

I would say all three boys were enamored with Carly and Wyatt didn't mind one bit that she was born a girl after all.  And when we got home from the hospital a few days later, Jack and Wyatt both thanked God that we have a new baby during bedtime prayers.  We are all grateful indeed.



Rox said...

They were so cute! You must be so proud of how well the boys have adjusted. And I'm especially impressed by how comfortable Jack was holding her, right from the start!

Hannah Middleton said...

Congrats! She is absolutely adorable and the boys look totally enamored with her.

Petersons said...

She is so beautiful- congratulations!

Debbie Roth said...

Congratulations! Carly will be so loved! She is absolutley gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your life story with us!

Holly Parlier said...

"Are you gonna milk her?!?" Oh my goodness. Hahahaha