Around Here: Week 2

Chasing... Carly all over the house. That girl! She keeps us on our toes. Thankfully Josh bought some locks for all the cupboards and that is making my life so much easier now!

Reading... so many books! The Shack, The Alchemist, Believing God, and Chasers of the Light.  And Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover with Josh.  Plus, finishing up the BFG with the twins.

Looking forward... to watching BFG the movie on family movie night.

Watching... The Crown on Netflix. Oh I love it!!!

Staying... home with the kids three days this week due to heavy, blowing snow, wind and extreme cold.  The temps yesterday morning (with wind chill) were in the negative teens. -17 to be exact. Brr!  Poor Josh is out there everyday shoveling the driveway, the walk and even part of the street so we can get out of the driveway. Bless his heart!

Rejoicing... in the new fridge we got from our home warranty.  It's so clean and beautiful!  It will save us money thanks to its energy efficiency, and the door shuts all the way. Bonus! (haha!)

Using... my new weekly planner to keep track of weekly goals, things to accomplish and appointments.

Pinning... ideas about bullet journals so I can get some ideas for gratitude journaling and keeping track of my 2017 goals.  I think Wyatt's new Christmas gift (hello Crayola Color Wonder!), which we've all been using & enjoying, will come in handy as I color code my goals!

Posting... my word of the year and my goals for 2017.  I am so excited about my goals this year because I have great ways of keeping myself accountable.

Enjoying... life free from Facebook.  I can't believe how much time I have on my hands. Even with the kids home three days this week, I've gotten more reading done this week than I can believe!

Hanging... new blinds in the front room.  I think they will help keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer, plus it's great for privacy and adjusting the amount of light in that room.

Feeling... grateful that Carly has slept for a good five hour stretch two nights in a row. I feel like a new person!

Weekly Goals:
Finish at least two books
Find a counselor


Cassidy said...

Oh man - I started and finished The Crown over a particularly snowy weekend. Love it and cannot wait for another season!

Marilynn Raatz said...

The boys are doing such a great job keeping the art kit nice and neat. I'm impressed! I can't believe how cold it's gotten there and how much snow you have! You're inspiring me with your reading! And Carly's so cute! I love her pink outfit!

Ashley B said...

You are a reading machine! We'll have to start the book club back up again soon so we can read together!
P.S. My boys would be SO jealous of all of your snow! They're so bummed about winter here this year :)