months not years

At some point (usually after the second birthday) we stop counting months and just tell people our babies are two or three or four.  While I understand the ridiculousness of saying to you that the twins are sixty-two months now, I also miss paying special attention to the sixth of every month. Or in Wyatt's case, the fifteenth.  Of thinking, wow, twenty-six months ago, you weren't in my life yet.  How can that be?

I also miss taking a moment, like you do when they hit six months or eighteen months, and really thinking of all the strides they have made.  All the growing they have done.

In two short months, Wyatt will be the same age the twins were when we found out we were expecting him.  He seems so much younger.  I hate that.  My mom has warned me about it.  That five years old on your oldest seems older than five years old on your youngest. It's not fair.  I know that five is still so young, and I need to enjoy that youth in the twins, but it's hard when Wyatt's two is so much younger.
Am I making any sense here?

Perhaps not. That's okay. All I am trying to say is that I miss counting time more closely.  Somehow I feel that acknowledging every month stretches time, whereas only marking years gives time a free pass to speed on by.

What is Wyatt like at 26 months?  He is talkative, funny, inquisitive.  He is determined, loving and just sure he's one of the big kids.  He loves his brothers, his daddy & his mommy and asks for a bath every evening. He loves the water.  He has started caring for his baby doll.  Giving her the binky and telling her he's going to hug her.  He likes trying to feed himself, which is exciting, and loves to read books.

When the twins were 26 months old, I was facing going back to work for the third year in a row.  I was heartbroken.  I wrote this post about perspective (& fleeting time) and this post about my first week back at work.  I must say, it is very good for me to look back on that time in my life, and remember how I ached to be home with them.  It's amazing to me that I have never had to leave Wyatt.

I am grateful for the chance this morning to look back on where we have come from, and to remember as a family why we chose Alaska.  To wake up every morning knowing I don't have to leave those sweet faces is a blessing beyond my wildest dreams.

"One day you will make all things right."
-JJ Heller


Tabitha Studer said...

You ARE making total sense about the oldest seeming older when the youngest is the same age (did that make any sense?! hahh)

I love this post and I completely agree that somehow when you start only counting years suddenly a year has already passed. Gemma turned 18months this week and I got choked up about it while brushing my teeth - hah.

Megan said...

I know exactly what you mean when you say your oldest will always seem older and your youngest will always seem younger. There have been so many times that Rosie has done something and I think, She isn't old enough for that! and then I also think she did it earlier than Olive, when really she did it later than Olive did at that age. I think it's because I watched Olive so carefully and closing, so excited, with much anticipation for all the milestones that I had never experienced. With Rosie, time just flies by and all the milestones surprise me.

It's much different the second time around, isn't it?