River Rocks

At the river this year there were more crawdads and more butterflies than I've ever seen before.  We enjoyed chasing both.  The twins loved collecting crawdad's in buckets.  And the butterflies were terribly comforting to me as I was waiting to pass through my first trimester.  

Some of our best parenting days were spent at the river.  With so much to do, and so much freedom, the kids required little if any discipline, which was a lovely respite for Josh and myself.  Ah, summer days! You're the best!

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Tabitha Studer said...

omigosh! This looks like the best time ever. This is right up our alley for family fun and I love that the river looks slow enough moving that you kind of just swim and enjoy it! And those butterflies!! Perfect example of how much good nature does for any age! xxox