The Birthday Princess: Carly's Second Birthday

Celebrating this girl on her big day was so much fun. I wrapped every single gift individually, knowing how much fun she'd have opening each one.  We spent days practicing (with the encouragement of her brothers) singing Happy Birthday and blowing out a birthday candle and talking about cupcakes and birthday parties.  She was completely prepared for her big day.  And it did not disappoint.  She was thrilled about every single step.
When she saw me walking out of the office, my arms full of presents for her, she said, "Wow mom, so cool!"  She was thrilled with her cupcake, eating every morsel, and exclaimed adorably for each and every present, from the tiny toy donut, to her new baby stroller. 
She's such a joy, and we're all so glad she's ours.

Happy Birthday, Carly May!
You are certainly our princess. 
And not just on your birthday. 


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Carissa Dahl said...

I love that you practiced blowing out the candles with Carly. I practiced for days with Matthew. He didn't actually blow the candles out at his party, but he did say the word "bow" (blow). LOL. She is so adorable. Happy 2nd bday Carly!